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Ocean Blend is a unique Corporate event, run from Gosport it combines yacht sailing and powerboating. Combine sailing with the thrills of powerboating and Thunder catting and you have an unbeatable day out.

Yacht sailing

We provide all the specialised equipment, full training and skipper. No previous experience is required. We will take you out as a total beginner and bring you back as part of the crew having had a real taste of what yachting is all about. After a short briefing with the skipper you will motor out of Brighton Marina and get busy hoisting the sails.

Once clear of the marina entrance it is then time to turn off the engine and harness the power of the wind. It is a truly calming experience out on the ocean with only your crew and sea gulls for company.

The session will be spent getting to grips with the basics of sailing under the watchful eye of one of our yacht masters. You will set sail along the Brighton Coast, cruising past the piers and be given the privilege to see Brighton from the big blue.  You will then get the chance to race these yachts.

The mean and leanThunder Cats, full of power and light on weight these racing boats are licensed to thrill! These light multi-hull racing craft with big meaty engines will have your heart in your mouth. With better power to weight ratio than  Ferrari and creating up to 2G in the turns you and bet you are in for a thrill
You will spend the session in this light twin-hulled flyer with a heavyweight racing engine. After receiving expert instruction in the art of these mean racing machines you will head out onto the water.

The instructors will amaze you with what these boats can do.  In very calm Weather you may get to take the helm!

This is the ultimate ‘hold on tight ride!” The session also includes a high speed ride along the Brighton coast in our large RIB powerboat as well as a thrilling Zap Cat Ride.

Where? Gosport or Brighton Marina

How Many People?
Minimum 6.

How Long? Half day or Day

The Thunder Cats are not suitable for people with bad backs. If you are a non swimmer please inform us in advance.

What to Bring? You may get wet - we provide specialist clothing but please bring some extra clothing.

Guide Price : £135 half day (3 hours) , £165 day (2 hours, break for lunch, 2 hours) - Price includes VAT, all specialised equipment, full training, soft drinks aboard the boats and Cava at the end to drink on the boats.
BBQ lunch at Brighton Marina Yacht club : £17.50

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