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Matt Crowhurst will be visiting the Lagoon on May 13th for his first pro coaching clinic with us. 

We have set up a them for each clinic. Each clinic is priced depending on the number of people on the clinic. Beach Club Members get a 50% discount on published rates. Please

1300 - 1400 Rail Riding (3 people £30 members £15)
1400 - 1500 Air Tricks  (3 people £30 members £15)
1500 - 1600 Juniors (Under 18) (4 people £20 members £10) 
1600 - 1700 Wake Skate (3 people £30 members £15)
1800 - 1900 H.O.R.S.E (nothing serious, getting into the mindset of the three pass set up for comps)  (4 people £20 members £10) 

Our Pro Coaches:

Matt Crowhurst:
Matt Crowhurst has been around, involved in, competing and coaching in the wakeboard/wakeskate world at the highest level for over 15 years. A former European Junior Champ, European Junior Tour Champ, National Wakeskate title holder, ranking in the top five of the UK’s best for over 10 years and continuing to ride makes Matt one of, if not the, UK’s most experienced riders. This experience and knowledge of the sport has long been apart of what makes Matt an incredible coach. Having taught up and down the country and across the world from as young as 15, Matt has honed his teaching as a freelance coach helping riders of every level progress. Working at Quayside Wake & Ski, running the wakeboarding at Princes Club and then going freelance to teach across the UK, Europe & Australia has all made coaching as much apart of what Matt does as his own riding.

Lagoon Wake Park has been part funded by British Water Ski and Wakeboard (BWSW)We would like to thanks them them for their support in making this venue as fantastic as it is.

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